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  • Suites données au projet à l'issue au débat public

  • Publication du rapport d’évaluation n°8 de la CNE

    Publication of CNE assessment report no.8

    On Wednesday 11 June, the CNE published its assessment report no.8 on the research and studies carried out into the management of radioactive waste and material, presented on Tuesday 10 June to the Parliamentary Office for Evaluation of Scientific and Technological Choices (OPECST).

  • Incidents at the US radioactive waste deep disposal facility

    Incidents at the US radioactive waste deep disposal facility

    Last February, there were two incidents at the WIPP (Waste isolation Pilot Plant), a facility run by the US Department of Energy (DoE) which, since 1999, has been storing long-lived intermediate-level radioactive waste generated from the US's defence activities in a geological salt formation at depths of approximately 700 m.

  • Two Andra films selected for the Web program festival

    Two Andra films selected for the Web program festival

    Two films produced by Andra have been selected for the official competition of the Web Program Festival, an international festival for web-based television, which will be held in La Rochelle from 25 to 27 March 2014:

    - The reversibility of deep disposal
    - The history of the Cigéo project

    This online audiovisual festival is attracting some of the most inventive and innovative creators from the Web.

  • Presentation of the CNE

    Presentation of the CNE's Assessment Report No. 7 to the CLIS

    On 6 March this year, the National Assessment Commission (CNE) presented its assessment report no. 7 during the annual general meeting of the Underground Laboratory's Local Committee for Information and Monitoring (CLIS). In this new report, the CNE looks back over studies carried out on partitioning/transmutation, as well as on the CIGEO (Geological Repository) project and long-lived low-level waste (LL-LL). The CNE also assesses international practices in radioactive material and waste management between 2007 and 2013.

    Consult CNE Report No. 7 [fr]

  • Débat public Cigéo : publication du bilan et du compte-rendu du débat

    Cigéo public debate: publication of the debate results and report

    Press release issued by Andra February 12, 2014.

    On Wednesday, 12 February 2014, the report and the results [fr] of the public debate on the Cigéo project were made public.

    It was an excellent debate, with a significant number of statements made at a national and local level.

    Andra now has three months to decide on its further course of action and to issue proposals to the State in order to meet the expectations that arose from the debate. These proposals will be made public by 15 May 2014.